Anthony J. Meadows is an American born artist. His current practice draws on, and aims to pair, the natural and the unnatural. He is interested in the proceeding relationships developed/formed/forced between the two and the idea that what exists outside eventually comes inside.

Anthony J Meadows


2013 MFA. Glasgow School of Art. UK
2011 University of North Carolina Greensboro. USA
2009 BFA. Mississippi State University. USA
2008 Penland School of Crafts. USA


2021 What Art Gallery, Founder, St. Croix Falls, WI
2020 Polyester Projects, Founder, St. Croix Falls, WI

2017-2020 Site Manager, Franconia Sculpture Park, Shafer, MN
2013-2014 Builder/Tech, David Dale Galleries, Glasgow, UK
2011-2014 Builder/Tech, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, UK
2010-2011 Wood Shop Tech, Art Dept, University of North Carolina, Greensboro
2009-2010 Studio Assistant, Lydia Thompson, Starkville, MS
2006-2009 Studio Assistant, Frank Critz Campbell, Starkville, MS
2006-2008 Studio Assistant, James Davis, Starkville, MS
2005-2009 Wood Shop Tech, Art Dept.  Mississippi State University


2017 Pedvale Open Air Art Museum. Latvia
2017 Barfotastigen. Korpo, Finland
2016 (On the) Edges of Experience. Fabbrica del Vapore. Milan, Italy
2016 pa{E/S}saggi. Tirano, Italy
2016 SulcisHub. Sardinia, Italy
2015 Intern Artist. Franconia Sculpture Park. USA


2022 Polyester Projects. Riverview Gallery, The Phipps, Hudson, WI
2021 Winter is Alive. Polyester Projects, Garver Feed Mills, Madison, WI
2017 Pedvale Open Air Art Museum. Latvia
         Barfotastigen. Korpo, Finland
         A Moment of Clarity. Corris, North Wales
2016 pa{E/S}saggi. Tirano, Italy
         SulcisHub. Sardinia, Italy
         Yeah Maybe. St. Paul, MN
2015 Mediterranea 17. Young Artists Biennale. Milan, Italy
         Ecoismi. Cassano d’Adda, Italy
         Before Their Time. Colvard Union Gallery. Mississippi State University
2014 Spanish Milk. Ctra Priego-San Pedro km 4. Priego, Spain
         Clipperton Project. Barcelona, Spain
         Doom Deluxe. Old Hairdressers. Glasgow, UK
         Read Herring. Schandauer Str. 15. Berlin, Germany
        Significance of St. George. Schandauer Str. 15. Berlin, Germany
2013 Waking Molly. 23/3 East London St. Edinburgh, UK
         Canoe Hat. Glasgow School of Art. Glasgow, UK
         Perfectly Hidden. New City Space. Glasgow, UK
         Vacancy Chain. 134 Renfrew St. Glasgow, UK
         MFA degree show. The Glue Factory. Glasgow, UK
         It’s All Around You. Shawlands Arcade. Glasgow, UK
2012 Perfectly At Home. New City Space. Glasgow, UK
         Natural Formations. Grace and Clark Fyfe Gallery. Glasgow, UK
         Southside Arts. Glass Houses Queens Park. Glasgow, UK
         The Interim Show. Mackintosh Museum. Glasgow, UK
2011 100 for 100. Center for Visual Artists. Greensboro, NC
         Untitled. Gatewood Gallery. UNCG
         Close the door, come to bed. Gatewood Gallery. UNCG
2010 Dear Anthony: Best Wishes. Creative Warehouse. Starkville, MS
         Us and Them. McComas Gallery. Starkville, MS


2018 East Central Regional Arts Council. Individual Artists Grant. MN, USA
2013 Gilbert Bayes Charitable Trust Scholarship.


2019 Made in Mind Magazine, Issue #15, Milan, Italy
2016 (On The) Edges of Experience, Mediterranea meetings, Milan, Italy
2015 Mediterranea 17, No Food’s Land, Young Artists Biennale,  Milan, Italy
2014 Northern Renewal, Issue #3, Glasgow, UK

Albums (Titles linked to music)

2020 Time For Sleep, Starship Nicola, Chem19, Glasgow, UK
2019 Belle in the Meadows, Belle in the Meadows Chem19, Glasgow, UK
2018 When You Die, Starship Nicola, Chem19, Glasgow, UK
2015 Got Me Singin’ the Blues, Starship Nicola, Ramelton, Ireland